Officinadesign was born in Gambettola and, it’s exactly in this town famous for its printed fabrics and for its "scrap dealers", that it finds its origin and the inspiration for its ideas.
Lucia Ceccoli and Samuele Pascucci, both architects, wanted to experiment a work closer to the "workbench ". They have worked out, over the years, a strong attention towards the materials and their processing, thanks to their professional experiences in the field of stage design and crafts. From these experiences, they have launched the dream of a studio-workshop where they could be able to combine the artistic and handicraft aspects of a typical workshop, with the technical and planning aspects of the design.
Officina-Design produces decorative objects and plans unique and personalized environments, starting from the interaction with the customer, alternating poor and waste materials with more refined objects, proposing affordable solutions and products, without sacrificing the beauty and the poetry of the hand-made.